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Some people enjoy buying things already made or doing the same things they have always done, but others enjoy the challenge and process of figuring out something new for themselves. There are many simple DIY projects or hobbies to start with and build confidence, and everyone should try at least a few! Most people would probably surprise themselves with the talents they have but just didn’t know about.

For example, crocheting is a very quick, easy, and fun hobby. It’s one that will allow anyone to make simple and warm gifts for many family members and friends! It’s easy to pick up; just follow simple directions, and the needed supplies can be found online or at a local craft store.

Another fun and free DIY is to learn a new language! Learning a new language is a skill that exercises the brain, helps with multitasking, and even improves memory. It can help anyone in many ways, and not to mention open doors to new cultures and experiences!

Learning to make candles is yet another simple DIY project anyone can learn in an afternoon. Friends and neighbors would love these simple projects as “thinking of you” gifts, as well as making any home smell sweet. This simple DIY project is easily customizable to add a special personal touch with favorite scents and colors. Try it out!

Another out-of-the-box DIY idea is to grow a personal herb garden. Not only does having fresh herbs help to make any dish tasty, but growing herbs can also be refreshing and rewarding, even therapeutic. All one needs is a sunny windowsill to stick the seedlings in and a bit of time to tend to their growth.

Next, learning to draw can help with communication skills, strengthening focus, and also enhance creativity. Learning to draw is a simple skill anyone can teach themselves, and one that brings lots of enjoyment. Once someone masters basic skills, they can draw anything they want! Who knows, this DIY idea could turn into a hobby or even a side job that brings much enjoyment while some extra income!

Lastly, if there’s something one wants to teach themselves and impress others, learn the moonwalk. That person will surely be the life of the party and bring smiles to many faces along the way.