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Billy Theuring

A DIY and Home Improvement Blog

Billy Theuring – An Orthopedic Medical Device Representative living and working in Phoenix, Arizona, where – outside of his career – he loves undertaking DIY and home renovation projects.


From as early as he can remember, Billy Theuring has always been handy and interested in projects that allowed him to work with his hands. He’s always been fascinated with taking things apart and rebuilding them. As he got older, his love for tinkering progressed into a fascination with cars – working on them and seeing how they run – and working on projects around the house. 

When it comes to his handiwork and projects, Billy Theuring takes pride in his ability to learn information and teach himself new skills and trades. Currently, he loves renovation projects because he enjoys seeing the before and after his handiwork. 

Presently in his career, Billy Theuring recently accepted a position as Regional Sales Manager Western U.S. with TriMed Inc, a Orthopedic Implant Manufacturer with a focus on Upper and Lower Extremity Productsworks within the Medical Device industry. Previously, Billy was the Arizona Territory Manager for Medartis inc. in Phoenix, Arizona. In this role, he was responsible for managing all aspects of his territory for Medartis Inc. as well as setting up new accounts, negotiating pricing, delivering invoices, and providing the highest level of customer support among other responsibilities. In 2019, Billy saw a $300k growth in sales from the previous year within the Arizona territory, achieving the highest third percentage to Quota within the United States. 

Billy Theuring also worked as an Orthopedic Sales Associate within the Distal Extremities and OrthoBiologies industry operating out of Phoenix, where he ran a three-person sales team operating a four million dollar territory. 

Prior to Arthrex, Billy also worked as a Fully Line Sales Associate for a Foot and Ankle Specialist in Columbus, Ohio, where he covered all of the territory’s Foot and Ankle, Hand and Wrist, and Elbow Surgeons, including MDs, DOs, and DPMs. 

Billy Theuring also served as a Fly Two Petty Officers for the United States Navy for four years, time which he spent supervising 29 lower-ranked Navy Airmen during vehicle transportation and ensuring strict protective hearing and uniform standards were strictly followed. He also directed the movement and location of multi-million dollar aircraft on the deck of a US Navy Aircraft carrier.

Billy Theuring attended Columbus State Community College, where he earned his Associate of Arts in Business in 2006. A decade later, he returned to academia at the University of Phoenix in Arizona, where he earned his Bachelor of Science in Management in 2020. 

To learn more about Billy Theuring’s insights into home renovation projects, be sure to visit his blog page!


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