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If this unprecedented quarantine has any silver lining, it’s that DIY projects are on the rise. For people looking to sell their homes down the road, this is an excellent opportunity to save money on small maintenance issues and enhancements by doing them personally.  Depending on a person’s skill level, some projects will lead to a higher asking price for a home. If two comparable houses on the same street go on the market and one has worthwhile home improvements, they may be able to charge a higher amount. Not all DIY projects will produce a positive ROI. 

You only get one shot at a first impression. The same goes for your home. The first thing that potential buyers will notice is the outside, also known as curb appeal. This includes not only your home itself but also any landscaping, driveway, and pathway areas. Small replacements of old hardware such as light fixtures, mailboxes, and door handles are almost as enlightening as a new coat of paint. If there are street-facing windows, consider adding flowery window boxes for splashes of color. One of the latest trends is to paint the front door with an accent color to make it stand out. Research has also shown that symmetry is pleasing to the eye. Arrange the front entryway with symmetrical objects to invite people towards you. 

Nothing says welcome like a porch with comfortable, relaxing furniture. It’s inviting and helps people envision themselves living there, which is one of the trade secrets of the realty business. Another soothing addition to a home’s curb appeal is outdoor lighting. Nowadays, there are plenty of low-voltage landscape lighting selections to choose from, including accent tree lighting or illuminated walkways. In addition to making the home look more inviting, lighting provides security. 

Perhaps the fastest way to create the feel of an instant garden is through potted plants and flowers. Pots come in many materials such as terra-cotta, ceramic, and wood. It’s an instantly welcoming sight and not very expensive to create. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, your local garden center can help arrange a beautiful container garden to match your home.