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With all of the DIY home improvement shows on television these days, it’s easy to get caught up in the idea of being your own handyman. Not only will you save money on the costs of parts and labor, but you’ll be able to feel the huge moment of pride and relief at the end when you get to admire the big reveal. One of the issues with seeing things on tv is that they are sometimes portrayed in a false-positive light. The people on-screen might have a team of professionals assisting them, plus a post-production crew to ensure that the entire project seems fun and effortless. Even when they hit a bump in the road along the way, there’s always a happy ending and the project almost seems better off because of the happy little accident. For those of us who are not yet experts in the field of DIY, there are smaller goals to tackle that can still provide us with that satisfying sense of accomplishment we’re searching for. 

Sometimes the smallest difference can completely change a space. Even a fresh coat of paint can lighten a room. Depending on how you manipulate the tones, you can completely transform the depth of the length and height of a room, as well as creating a completely separate visual space. This can all be done without moving a single piece of furniture. 

In addition to paint, there are many small accents that can change the aesthetic of a room very easily. Cabinet pulls are usually something that people don’t notice right away, but their effect is immediate. This is a project that takes little effort but has a huge payoff. The one problem is that arduous screwing and unscrewing of nails, which is why a cordless drill will be one of the greatest investments you ever made. 

Over time, many doors in your house will begin sitting at an odd angle, making it necessary to fix the hinges. There is something very satisfying about closing a leveled door that fits exactly with its frame. Another small project would be to go around to all of the doors and windows of your house that have been squeaking and lubricate them with a product like WD-40. These are all small jobs that will make you more comfortable with the elements in your home.